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Chocolate Couverture

Couverture is a term used to define high quality chocolate coating that contains a high percentage of cocoa butter. Chocolate couverture contains at least 32% cocoa butter and for good quality courverture at much as 39%. This high percentage of cocoa butter give couverture a shiny appearance, thin consistency when melted and excellent flavour. Usually chocolate couverture also contains a high chocolate liquor content which strengthens the flavour.

Chocolate courverture is used by professional to coat, mould, bake or dip and garnish. Courverture must be tempered before use to stabilize the cocoa butter, giving it a glossy finish and a hard crisp consistency. If it is not tempered before use it will look a poor streaky colour and may look unappetising.

Generally on the packaging of couverture chocolate you will find a formula giving you the percentage of cocoa solids, sugar and cocoa butter or fat content.

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